Discover the diversity of our herb garden. Indulge your senses. Taste the herbs, dried or fresh, sipping a herbal tea or enjoying a fine salad.

In our private herb garden, you will find a wide variety of native herbs. The climate in the “Wilder Kaiser” mountain range provides best conditions to grow a wide range of herbaceous plants, including Mediterranean thyme and the native cranberry. Indulge yourself with exquisite herbs from our own organic gardening.


Sage was already valued as a medicinal plant by the ancient Egyptians. It has actually beneficial effects helping notably to treat hoarseness and throat pain. The essential oils extracted from sage are supposed to enhance concentration.

Stinging nettle

The stinging nettle is an outstandingly valuable plant, being versatile in use for both culinary and therapeutic purposes. Products made from stinging nettle, either dried or boiled, are real “superfood”.


Thyme is a classic among the Mediterranean herbaceous plants. Its name is derived from the Greek word “thymos”, meaning something like “Power” or “Courage”. Legend has it that the Roman soldiers took a bath with thyme flower essence to enhance motivation before entering the battlefield.


Mint exudes a refreshing scent both as tisane and bath additive. Ointments and scrub creams containing mint have a cooling effect. There is a wide range of varieties of mint, including the common peppermint and some more exotic species such as chocolate mint.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm (melissa officinalis) owes its name to its pleasant odour. The precious essential oils extracted from this herbaceous plant help relieve nervousness and sleep disorders.


The berries of this native Tyrolean shrub are characterised by a sweet-sour taste. The vitamins and minerals contained in the berries do not get lost even if the berries are stored for a longer period of time. As an ingredient of masks, cranberries help enhance the elasticity of the skin.

Norway spruce

The evergreen conifer is the tree of the year in 2017. Not only the wood, but also the shoots, needles and resin are being used to make remedies. Traditionally, a wholesome honey is produced from Norway spruce shoots in Tyrol.

Swiss stone pine “Zirbe”

The Swiss stone pine is well-known for its pleasant and long-lasting scent. The versatile tree provides excellent timber for carpentry and joinery as well as ingredients for the production of beneficial essential oils which help alleviate respiratory problems, have calming effects and are conducive to concentration.


The light green top twigs are not only edible, but are also an old home remedy to treat cough. Therefore, they are transformed into syrup containing therapeutic enzymes. It is also suitable as bath or sauna essence.

Dwarf pine

The dwarf pine, also called mountain pine, belongs to the pinaceae. The wood is excellent for woodturning and the lumber industry. Dwarf pine oil can be extracted from the needles and is used for cosmetic products.


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Gertrude Messner, a herbalist, organises exciting workshops at the Kaiserlodge around the topic of herbs. In our “Kaiser’s Schmiede” we offer further workshops, including soap making, cookie baking and syrup making.

Tasty and savoury salads and soups are prepared artfully by our cooks from locally sourced ingredients.

Aromatherapy additives, invigorating scrubs and soothing essential oils will indulge your senses in our “Seelig” Spa area.

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