A house is “embellished”, more than by any other feature, by the people who live and work therein.

The Kaiserlodge owes its charm essentially to its guests and staff.

Let us Move Mountains Together.

Running successfully a hotel business shall not be taken for granted. Behind the apparently relaxed and casual atmosphere, there is always much planning effort, hard work and cohesion.
However, work at a hotel is not bound to be tedious and monotonous. We rather want you to work cheerfully with us, even if work sometimes may be strenuous. Therefore, we are very careful about recruiting the people who work either backstage or frontstage in the guest service.

Successful Teamwork.

Apart from requiring basic personal qualities, such as friendliness, a discerning eye and discretion, we want our employees to work and communicate at eye level, whether it is the human resources manager, the apprentice, the head chef or the chambermaid. Every employee of our Kaiserlodge is deemed to be an important part of the staff, for it is only as a cohesive team that we can ensure a smooth running.

Discipline and a Dynamic Approach to Work.

The Kaiserlodge is a lively and dynamic place for both the guests and the staff. With a careful and rigorous approach to work you can influence and change a lot of things. Every employee is expected to take full responsibility for his area of work. A fine sensitivity for the working environment, self-reliant work and sound working knowledge are our pivotal requirements.

With our career opportunities we want to foster people who work with dedication and commitment, like achieving success in the team and appreciate flat organisational structures.

We are looking forward to meeting you … and to welcoming you to our team?


Barbara Winkler
Telephone: +43 535 844 300

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