Collaborate to make ideas come true. Create synergies. Adopt an innovative approach. Share experiences. Develop ideas, make sketches and realise the most promising projects. Work together in a sustainable manner.

The cooperation with excellent partners has been essential to make our long-cherished dream come true - the Kaiserlodge.



Unique creations made with herbs, flowers, fruits and fragrant tea leaves. Blends of large-leave teas. Organic teas sourced from the “Chiemgau” county. Products that epitomize the love for the homeland and Alpine mountains.


Excellence combining tradition and modernity. Wicker furniture crafted to the highest standards. A wide variety of colours and patterns. Each piece of furniture is a unique product bearing witness to extraordinary century-old craftsmanship. Creative, innovative and decorative. 


"Coffee is our life” - this is the genuine maxim of the Richter Family. The business, representing the multi-faceted world of coffee, has its own master roasters possessing outstanding skills and knowledge, for whom coffee is a passion. Excellent coffee specialities, handcrafted in Bavaria. Genuine and fine. 

Hideaways Hotels.

This international travel magazine is a little “Bible” for discerning travellers across the world. It presents hotels with an outstanding character (hideaways) and passionate hosts who put their heart and soul into the hotel business.


The Wehrfritz Company (subsidiary of the Haba group), which stands for safety, excellence and the use of high quality materials, has designed our children’s adventure area.