Our culinary concept provides a wide range of offers allowing the guests of the Kaiserlodge to choose an option that perfectly suits their taste.

In our Kaiser´s Deli & Restaurant, you are welcome to replenish your energy from morning to midnight. Delicious breakfast, homemade soups,  a slice of  freshly baked bread topped with various local delicacies, coffee specialities or regional dishes for dinner. See you soon! 


In the local restaurants, where the Alpine culinary traditions have been preserved, you can indulge yourself with Tyrolean delicacies and specialities, whether you prefer a down-to-earth cuisine or sophisticated dishes prepared by award-winning head chefs. You can also take time to go shopping in the nearby supermarket and prepare your meal in the modern kitchenette of your apartment, suite or penthouse flat and share an intimate dining experience with your family at the large table. If you are not in the mood for cooking, you can order delicious meals in a jar. You will only need to let them simmer on the hob, dress the table and sit down to enjoy it. If you like cooking, but do not want to go to the supermarket, you will find daily on the kitchen worktop in our Deli & Restaurant a special recipe to cook yourself helping you to the meticulously prepared ingredients. An easy and hassle-free way to prepare your meal. 

Deli & Restaurant & Bar

The Kaiser’s Deli & Restaurant serves fine food made from locally sourced products - authentic, genuine and fresh. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have been searching for traditional recipes for our home-baked bread. We have been discussing with the village elders traditional methods of baking bread and cooking delicious jams. We have been travelling to cities to get some urban inspiration. We do not use blended products. Everything is freshly prepared daily in a sustainable manner without flavour enhancers and preservatives. At our workshop, you can buy some homemade food and take it home. We think that the taste and flavours and the intrinsic quality of a product are more important than its name or brand. In the evening, our cosy Deli  & Restaurants with its alcoves and quiet corners becomes a laid-back bar where you can relax and spend a leisurely evening sipping delicious herb cocktails. Our kind staff will be delighted to serve you and to share with you our passion for creativity and the love for the bar culture.

Our bar menu.

Our breakfast menu. 

Kitchen Worktop - Cook Yourself

On the kitchen worktop in our Deli & Restaurants, you will find every day an extraordinary recipe which you can cook yourself helping yourself to the meticulously prepared ingredients. The recipe includes illustrated step-by-step instructions. The “walk-in cookbook”, which is already well-known in urban areas, has now been introduced in Scheffau in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps. On our freestanding kitchen worktop, the guests find everything needed to cook the special dish of the day. If you prefer to prepare your favourite meals or try your hand at an old recipe, you will find a supermarket in the immediate vicinity of the hotel (350 metres away). The modern kitchenette in our apartments is equipped with:

- Two point ceramic hob
- Fridge
- Dishwasher
- Stove
- Electric kettle
- French press
- Herbs, salt, sugar, vinegar, oil

Delicious dishes in a jar 

If you do not like to cook yourself, you can order mouth-watering dishes , for example, cheese “spätzle”, potato goulash, spinach dumplings with cheese sauce and crunchy salads as well as fine seasonal soups. We will gladly prepare you delicious one pot dishes or up to 10 persons. You will only need to let it simmer, dress the table and serve the meal. Please order the dish on the day before and pick it up in our Deli & Restaurant.

Our one pot dishes. 

Filled fridge with Tyrolean specialities upon arrival

We will gladly fill your refrigerator prior to your arrival with fine genuine food. For a supplement of € 75.00, we will provide the following locally sourced products:

- 1 l milk from the dairy farm

- 250 g butter

- 200 g homemade jam

- 1 rye bread (500 g)

- 250 g cheese from the dairy farm

- 100 g bacon

- 6 eggs from free-range hens

- 1 l organic fruit juice (Hasenfit)

- 1 six pack of beer from the Huber

- 1 bottle of house white wine from
   the Diem Winery

- 1 bottle of house red wine from the
   Diem Winery

- 1 small bottle of sparkling wine

Culinary holiday preparation 

Order your kaiser rolls and tyrolean hay bread, bircher muesli, fresh organic eggs and fruit smoothies for breakfast or delicious dishes in a jar for your apartment in advance and conveniently from home.

 Simply download the selected menu and send it back to us filled out. 

- Imperial bread 

Breakfast menu

- One pot dishes 


At the local restaurants and inns, you can taste the Alpine culinary heritage. Most of the eateries provide a down-to-earth cuisine with fresh locally sourced food. A few restaurants may also offer modern interpretations of the Alpine cuisine. Furthermore, there are international restaurants offering, for example, Italian, Indian or American food. Please take a look at our blog for suggestions regarding places to eat out.

Room Service 

We will gladly bring deliver you drinks, snacks, delicious meals in a jar  from our Deli & Restaurant to your apartment. 
(Additional cost € 15 per order)