The freedom to choose. Beginning with breakfast: Stop at our Deli for à la Carte breakfast or pre-order a fridge filling for your apartment or have breakfast on the alpine pasture or shop for delicacies in the Deli Shop…

The same freedom can be enjoyed with lunch and dinner. In the Kaiserlodge everything is possible. Nothing must, everything can. Whether in the in-house Deli & Restaurant or in the spacious apartments with kitchenette or out in the surrounding restaurants.

  • Delicious pot dishes to order
    Lovingly prepared and simply good
  • Breakfast at the Kaiserlodge
    In the Deli or in the apartment
  • Fridge filling
    For the apartment
  • And in the evening ...
    stop for a drink at the bar
  • Coffee & delicacies
    At any time of the day
  • Lunch and dinner
    Seasonal & regional menu
  • Kaiser's Deli & Restaurant
    Warm welcome

… Tyrolean specialties and particularities, homemade cuisine, the culinary heritage of our Alps can be tasted in the surrounding restaurants. Or finally take the time to cook for you and your beloved ones again, buy the ingredients in the nearby supermarket or in our Deli, prepare dinner together in the modern kitchenettes of our apartments, suites and penthouses, eat at the big table. You don’t feel like cooking? Off to Kaiser´s Deli & Restaurant. Here you can enjoy delicacies from morning to evening, from regional breakfast to homemade cakes and creative dishes for lunch and dinner in a wonderful ambience. Our delicious pre-cooked pot dishes save a lot of work in the kitchen. Put them on the stove, arrange and enjoy. Feel like slicing vegetables and swinging cooking spoons, but not on the supermarket shopping? At our cooking table in our Deli guests find an extraordinary recipe every day with exactly portioned ingredients. So free, so light.


Kaiser´s Deli & Restaurant & Bar

It’s simply good at Kaiser’s Deli & Restaurant. Here you can enjoy regional delicacies from morning till evening. Products from our region. Authentic, honest and fresh our menu is not long, but the longer we have worked on it. We travelled to cities to gain metropolitan inspiration and talked to the elders in the village about their secret ingredient in jams and spreads. We do not use ready-made mixtures, everything is prepared on site every day. Sustainable. Without flavour enhancers and preservatives.

In the manufactory and the Deli Shop you can buy regional products. The taste and quality of a product are more important to us than its name and brand. After dinner, the cosy Deli & Restaurant with seating niches turns into a casual bar. Taste herbal cocktails, relax and enjoy the end of the day.

Bar menu.

Breakfast menu.

Imperial Bread menu.


NEW: Breakfast bookable daily from 7:30 until 12:00


We are happy to fill your fridge before your arrival at the price of 75 euros. This includes:

– 1 l milk from the dairy farm
– 250 g butter
– 200 g homemade jam
– 1 rye bread (500 g)
– 250 g cheese from the dairy farm
– 100 g bacon,
– 6 eggs from free-range hens
– 1 l organic fruit juice (Hasenfit)
– 1 six pack of beer from the Huber Brewery
– 1 bottle of house white wine from the Diem Winery
– 1 bottle of house red wine from the Diem Winery

Cooking table, Pot dishes & Self cooking

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Deli, Bar & Café

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