Welcome to our “Seelig” Spa, Pool and Wellness. Get away from it all and leave behind the stress of everyday life. Indulge your senses exploring our Spa. Touch, see, listen, taste and smell. Take time out for yourself. Soak up the beautiful natural scenery which surrounds us. Enjoy the marvellous tranquillity. Restore the balance of body, mind and soul.

The spa concept of the Kaiserlodge focuses on the five human senses: sense of touch, hearing, vision, taste and smell. Our spa area on the top floor, extending to 700 m2, provides ample space to slow down, to relax and unwind. Everywhere you can soak up the views of “Wilder Kaiser” mountain and the peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps. The spa area comprises an indoor and outdoor pool for a refreshing swim, a roof terrace with loungers and parasols, various saunas and an infrared cabin as well as a relaxation room. You can also indulge yourself with different massages and aromatherapy sauna sessions. A tisane and tea bar is also available. Relaxed holidays

Wellnesshotel Tirol. Luxury and 100 possibilities for relaxation


Let us pamper you with gentle touches and soothing massages. Enjoy skin care with delightful organic salts. Feel the beneficial effects of warmth and cold conveyed by the elements of nature. The varied temperatures, surfaces and designs will stimulate your senses.

We offer you an extensive range of massages, including:
– classic aromatherapy massage
– sports massage
– relaxing massages helping to clear one’s mind

Enjoy the pleasant sensations in the water of the pool and pamper your body under the waterfall shower. High quality towels and fluffy bathrobes are available.


Listen to pleasant noises, sounds and rhythms. We have deliberately renounced permanent background music in our “Seelig” Spa to favour the perception of natural sounds, such as the gentle babble of the water and the murmur of the waves. Or you may simply take in the pleasant silence.


There are plenty of things to discover and to marvel at in our spa area. Through the large glass front, you can soak up the views of the “Wilder Kaiser” mountain range overlooking our apartment house. Ilustrations of herbs as far as the eye can see.


In our spa area, you can sip a varied range of and fresh spring water. In summer months we offer spring water and homeade tea with herbs and plants of our own garden.


“The sense of smell is the sense of memory and desire”, wrote once Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In our “Seelig” Spa, you can enjoy the scents of flowers, herbs and woods in the fresh mountain air. The smell of fresh hay and wood in our relaxation room “Heustube”.

Further information

The pool and the infrared cabin are for the whole family.
The facilities of our “Seelig” Spa are reserved for adults (children ages 15 and up are also admitted).

Our “Seelig” Spa terrace – furnished by DEDON. Sustainability, quality, tradition and modernity. This is what DEDON stands for, this is what the Kaiserlodge stands for.


Fitness room

The Kaiserlodge also has a spacious fitness room that is equipped with high-quality fitness equipment such as a treadmill, cross trainer, spinner, rowing machine, barbells and dumbbells, leg press, mats and much more.

  • Our relaxation room "Heustube"
    With a smell of fresh hay and wood
  • Delightful teas
    With regional herbs and fruits
  • Indoor Pool
    Water as a basic element for sensual well-being
  • Touch
    Gentle touches and soothing massages
  • Pleasant sauna infusions
    To indulge all senses
  • Time out for yourself
    Enjoy the marvellous tranquillity
  • Relaxation room
    Restore the balance of body, mind and soul
  • Steam bath
    Feel relaxing and regenerative power