In the footsteps of the Bergdoktor

 Winklerlodge. On the mountain. By the lake.  Haven’t we heard this slogan before somewhere?  The small lake, the classic lounge, the wooden elements.  All this seems familiar to us. It almost seems as if the Winklerlodge really exists.  Is the Bergdoktor maybe on holiday in Scheffau?

Indeed, at the start of the year a rickety old Mercedes was standing in front of our lodge. That can only mean one thing – the Bergdoktor personally was staying in the Kaiserlodge as a guest.  In January, the filming for the 2021 winter special took place in our lodge and Hans Sigl showed off his acting skills. The Kaiserlodge then became the “Winklerlodge” without further ado.


“It’s a special honour for me that the Kaiserlodge was chosen as the location for the Bergdoktor. Being able to witness the shooting was a truly exciting experience for all of our team:

The cameramen who scurried around in our lodge, the professionalism on set and the Bergdoktor, who turned out to be a real ladies’ man behind the scenes (smiling).”

(Barbara Winkler, Managing director Kaiserlodge)

Of course, we can hardly wait to find out what trials and tribulations the Bergdoktor will encounter in the 14th season. But last season’s happy end really did the surprise all of us very much.

  • Will Anne take Martin Gruber as her husband, or are we just been fooled into believing this?
  • There is even speculation that offspring is on the way.
  • And will baddie Gregor Schachner continue to be up to his mischief?

It only gets more intriguing from here.

The new season, with no less than 8 episodes, aired in Austria from 6 January and in Germany from 7 January.

We were the fly on the wall during shooting and can already share some impressions with you here…

  • Set Kaiserlodge
    The movie directors are having a break
  • Winklerlodge
    The Kaiserlodge gets a new name
  • Behind the scenes
    Professionalists are doing a good job
  • On set
    There are exciting things going on


Where the Bergdoktor feels at home, so we’ll surely you, too. Leisurely afternoons in the Seelig Spa. Delightful evenings in Kaiser’s Deli. Relaxing nights in luxurious apartments. Being free. Enjoying privacy.

Book your very special Bergdoktor-experience in the “Winklerlodge” in Scheffau.



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